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We will organize the most awesome Laser Tag gun battle for you!

Team Building  •  Casual Fun Play  •  Events & Parties

FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag is a fun & exciting gun battle game that has been in Singapore for a long time already. It is commonly played at Corporate Team Building events, Birthday Parties, or just Casual Fun with friends.

FOX Laser Tag Singapore specializes in using high quality guns to give players an immersive and realistic gun battle experience.

Laser Tag is family-friendly and suitable for all ages.


Kids & Adults

can play together.

Laser Tag is safe & exciting for everyone to participate!

Safe & Exciting!

No actual projectile. Just pure fun!

Easily run a Laser Tag game anywhere!

Freedom Of Venue

You can come to us, or we can come to you!

Laser Tag Battle @ Bedok Reservoir Park!
Contact us to organize an awesome Laser Tag game now!

Thank you, we will be in touch with you shortly!

Rates & Packages

Take up one of our approved Phase 2 packages, or feel free to enquire for a customized game!

Laser Tag Singapore Covid 19 Package for 5 pax
5 Pax

Ideal for small gathering of friends, our 5-pax Package is only $225 nett for 1 hour, inclusive of venue.

Laser Tag Singapore Covid 19 Package for 10 pax
10 Pax

Break into 2 teams of 5 pax, and see who survives! Ideal for birthday celebration or team building. Our 10-pax Package is only $380 nett for 1 hour, inclusive of venue

Laser Tag Guns

Safe and high quality, with different guns for adults & kids

Laser Tag Singapore Assault Rifle

Long range of 200 metres and high rate of fire, your ideal gun in Laser Tag for adults!

Laser Tag Singapore Handgun

Versatile & stealthy, move quick to ambush the enemy!

FOX Laser Tag Singapore Kriss Vector submachine gun

Light weight submachine Laser Tag gun, great for both kids and adults to play.

Where To Play 

In Singapore

You can come to our venue, or we can bring Laser Tag to you!

Play Laser Tag in Singapore at The Cage, near Stadium MRT Station.

We are located at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, just 5 mins walk from Stadium MRT!

Play Laser Tag in parks at your neighbourhood!

We can conduct the game in large parks, such as Toa Payoh Town Park or Bishan Park.

Contact us for advice.

Play Laser Tag in school halls, function rooms, or even in your office!
Activity Halls

Laser Tag can also be conducted in Multi-Purpose Halls or Function Rooms.

Package Details

What is included in a Laser Tag package?

Laser Tag Rifles, Handguns, Sub-machine Guns in Singapore

Laser Tag Guns

Assortment of Handguns, Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns

Laser Tag Games Obstacles for Hiding and Cover


For hiding and taking cover! Dependent on location & package.

Referees & Facilitators for your Laser Tag event in Singapore


To run the game

and be referees

Laser Tag Games Mission Modes Singapore

Game Modes

Variety of games

and mission modes!

Latest Event: Cohesion Event

In Feb 2020, we organized a Laser Tag cohesion for a small group of 11 pax. As one team had more players, so we DOUBLED the health and ammo for a player in the other team!

Group Photo
Obstacles Setup
Taking Cover
Team, attack!
Past Event: 60 Laser Tag Team Building

In Apr 2019, we organize a Laser Tag team building event for 60 pax. The event took place at Turf City, near Sixth Ave MRT station. The grass surface made it easy for players to prone and take aim!

Team Photos
Sniper Aim
Sniper Field
Aim Rifle
Team Formation
P90 Submachine Gun
Group Photo
Past Event: 200 Students Laser Tag

In Feb 2019, we organized a Laser Tag game for 200 students in a secondary school, and conducted the game in their sports hall. Check out the amazing photos!

Pre-game Briefing
Laser Tag Brothers
Sniper + Buddy
Enemy Incoming
How To Book
Number of Laser Tag players

Number Of Pax

Let us know how many players we will be catering for. Small or large groups, we have suitable packages for you!

Location for your Laser Tag game event

Location & Venue

You can come to our venue, or we can bring the Laser Tag game to your venue.

Catering & other services for your Laser Tag event

Catering & Add-Ons

Need additional add-on to your event, such as Food Catering, Stages, etc...? We can help you too!

Customize your Laser Tag game event


Let us know what you want for your event, and we will work with you for customization!

Phone: +65 9786 9083
Organize a Laser Tag event with us!
Drop us an email and we will get back to you within 1 working day!

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