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50 pax Laser Tag Event @ The Cage

In Oct 2018, we organized a 50 pax Laser Tag event for our client at The Cage (near Stadium MRT station).

The players were split into teams and briefed about the safety / game rules, and the battle soon began!

Proning & shooting - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Shooting in prone position, all the skills learnt during NS are coming back!

Guard left and right - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Teamwork is the key to winning! I guard left, you guard right, ok?

Sneaky and steathly - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Stealth is also part of the strategy. Here we managed to capture someone silently creeping up on the enemy without them noticing!

Heavy enemy fire, hurry take cover! - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Enemy delivering heavy suppressive fire! Hurry and take cover behind the walls!

Group Photo 50 pax FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Thank you for playing Laser Tag with us and we look forward to see you guys again soon! FOX Laser Tag Singapore +65 9786 9083


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