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What Is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a safe and exciting game that has been around for decades. It is family-friendly as there is no actual projectile involved.

What is Laser Tag? - Laser Tag Singapore by

Players will use a Laser Tag gun to "shoot" at one another. Imagine a First-Person Shooter video game, but played in real-life! Each player will also wear a Headband Sensor, which will be able to detect the infra-red beam emitted by the guns to recognize that you've been "shot".

Over the years, different manufacturers produce Laser Tag guns of different standards and targeted to different people. Which use why we use 2 brands of Laser Tag guns:

  • Children Version: Easy to operate, light-weight. ideal for kids events, such as Birthday Parties, Carnivals etc...

  • Adult Version: More realistic, heavier, longer shooting range. Ideal for adults, corporate team building events etc... These guns are higher-end and more premium Laser Tag guns, that are effective at more than 200 metres distance (twice the length of a standard soccer field!)

Because of its long shooting range, we can also attach a Scope to the rifle so that you can fulfill your Sniper dreams!

Scope on Laser Tag Rifle in Singapore

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in organizing fun games for corporate team building events, carnivals, birthday parties etc...

Drop us a quick note and we will help you in organizing your own Laser Tag event.

We look forward to organize an awesome Laser Tag game for you!

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