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Battle @ Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park is a popular and scenic park that is most familiar to people staying in the East side of Singapore. For our client's birthday, we organized a Laser Tag game for them at an area that is populated with lots of trees for hiding!

Hiding behind tree - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

We gave them a quick briefing on how the guns work, and the battle soon begin!

Falling back from enemy - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Players wore a colored vest so that they are identifiable as Red or Blue team in the battlefield.

Taking up position - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Understanding the terrain is the key to winning! Here we see the players moving in a tactical manner. 1 person is providing covering fire, while the other sneak up ahead.

Covering teammates - FOX Laser Tag Singapore

The trees offered plenty of cover! If we didn't point out in the picture above, were you able to spot them?

Group photo FOX Laser Tag Singapore

Thank you for playing Laser Tag with us, and we look forward to see all of you again soon!

FOX Laser Tag Singapore

+65 9786 9083


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