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60 Students Laser Tag Event

Major Laser Tag shootout in the school canteen? Sounds like a movie scene!

We brought all our Laser Tag guns & equipment down to our client's school canteen to organize a game for 60 students. Check out the photos below.

Using canteen tables as cover in a Laser Tag Singapore game.

The canteen is full of tables & seats. Perfect for hiding and sneaking around!

Sneaking and hiding around the tables in a Laser Tag Singapore game

Be careful as you walk pass the many rows of tables. Someone might just suddenly pop out to shoot you!

Canteen seat as Sniper Post in a Laser Tag Singapore game

A student actually used the canteen seat as a Sniper Guard-Post. Haha!

Future Charlie's Angels

Girls love Laser Tag too! Maybe they'll become the future Charlie's Angels!

Hiding behind pillars in a Laser Tag Singapore game

Big pillars are great for taking cover too!

Thank you for organizing a Laser Tag game with us. We look forward to see all of you again soon!

FOX Laser Tag Singapore +65 9786 9083


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