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60 pax Laser Tag at Turf City

Laser Tag event for 60 pax? Sounds like an awesome way to have a blast!

We organize a game for our client at Turf City, check out the photos below!

Team Photos for Laser Tag game

Some teams really know how to pose and make great team photos!

Laser Tag sniper proning

The soft artificial grass surface makes it easy for Snipers to lay down in a prone position to shoot!

Assault Rifle Laser Tag game

Use our P90 Laser Tag submachine gun to lay down rapid fire on the enemy players!

Take cover in a Laser Tag game

Make sure to take cover while shooting, so as to avoid getting shot in the game!

Long Range Sniper Laser Tag

Our Premium Laser Tag guns have an effective shooting range of up to 200 metres! That's why it allows you to play Sniper easily.

Group Photo after Laser Tag game

Thank you for playing Laser Tag with us, and we hope to see everyone again soon!

FOX Laser Tag Singapore


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