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Play Laser Tag inside your office in Singapore!

Can you play Laser Tag inside your office?

The answer is, "Yes, of course!"

We can organize a game for you by bringing all the necessary equipment down into your office, while you run around to take cover at your desk and cubicle walls.

Laser Tag team building in the office in Singapore!

The office is probably the 2nd environment that you're most familiar with (other than your own home). Playing Laser Tag in the office means that you're also familiar with where the shortcuts are!

Laser Tag Singapore taking cover behind cabinet

Cabinets or filing shelves are also great for taking cover!

Laser Tag player with gun and head sensor.

Each player is armed with a high-end Laser Tag gun, plus wear a Head Sensor on the forehead. If you're shot, the Head Sensor will vibrate and let you know that you're one health-point down!

Teamwork is necessary to win in a Laser Tag Singapore game!

Work as team to flank the enemy, so that they have no means of escape!

Dual pistol in a Laser Tag Singapore game

Dual pistol?!!?! Yes it's possible! Twice the firepower, twice the advantage!

Laser Tag Singapore group photo in the office

Thank you for playing Laser Tag with us in your office. We look forward to see you guys again!

FOX Laser Tag Singapore

+65 9786 9083


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