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Game Modes In Laser Tag Singapore

When clients contact us, we will usually suggest the following game modes to them. But if you have your own unique idea, please feel free to suggest to us, and we will work with you to formulate a special mode just for you!

1) Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch in Laser Tag Singapore by

This is the most classic game mode. 2 teams must try to shoot down as many enemy players as they can. The first team to wipe out the other team, wins!

2) Escort The VIP There will be 3 types of players in this game mode: VIP, Bodyguards and Assassins. The VIP + Bodyguards will be in one team, while the the Assassins are in the other team.

The Bodyguards must escort the VIP safely to his destination, while the Assassins try to kill the VIP. If the VIP dies, the Assassin team wins!

3) Capture The Flag

Capture the flag in Laser Tag Singapore by

A flag will be placed in the middle of the field. Teams must try to retrieve the flag and bring it back to base (while still alive!) to win. If you die halfway carrying the flag, you must drop it onto the floor for others to take.

4) Sniper Hunt (LaserTagSG Exclusive)

Sniper Game Mode in Laser Tag Singapore by

This is a game mode that is exclusive to us at only, because it requires our specialized Laser Tag guns. It is also best played in big parks, such as Toa Payoh Town Park, or Bishan Park. There will be 2 teams: Sniper and Hunters. The Sniper Team only has a few players, say only 3 of them. The Snipers will be armed with our special Laser Tag sniper rifles, which has a shooting range of over 200 metres. That's twice the length of a standard soccer field!

The Hunter Team will have more players, say 10 of them. The Hunters will be armed with Handguns or other guns, which only has a shooting range of 60 metres. The Snipers will be hidden and roaming around the field. The Hunters must try to sniff the Snipers out and eliminate them. Stealth, silence, knowing the terrain, communication will be crucial in this intense game mode!

Got a unique game mode idea to suggest? Contact us and we will assist you in planning an awesome Laser Tag event!

Email: Phone: +65 9786 9083


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